Discover French ceramic art

Discover the art of ceramics with a talented craftswoman in Paris. Unleash your creativity in workshops, shaping clay into personalized masterpieces. Take home your glazed creations, a cherished reminder of your artistic journey.

Enjoy an exclusive encounter with
a French ceramic artist in Paris

Duration: 3 hours, including transfers

Morning or Afternoon

Private guided tour

Immerse yourself in the world of ceramics, in the heart of Paris. Our ceramic
craftswoman has been creating one-of-a-kind stoneware pieces, revealing all the beauty of raw clay, enriched by touches of glaze in shimmering colors.

With her assistant, she invites you to discover this ancestral art through ceramics workshops. During this 2-hour discovery tour, explore the fascinating
history of ceramics and learn the technics of shaping.

Unleash your creativity in a warm atmosphere while molding clay into your custom cup and adding designs to a clay plate. Leave with your glazed clay masterpiece, a precious souvenir of a unique and fulfilling experience.

Book your exclusive encounter with a French ceramic artist:

What’s included? 

• A unique encounter with a local artisan
• Knowledgeable multilingual private guide at your service (fluent in English and French at least)
• Pick-up and drop-off from/to the location of your choice in Paris at the start & end of the tour
• Private driver with high-quality air-conditioned vehicle.


• Meals at restaurants where the locals go
• Additional guided tours
• Accommodation…
We fully customize our services to your needs and interests.
ceramic artist in paris (2)
ceramic artist in paris
ceramic artist in paris (3)

Meet another passionate French artisan in Paris:

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