Meet our best French artisans

Discover our best French artisans work
on private guided experiences

Backstage tour of French artisan workshops

Behind-the-scenes tour of
our best craftman's shops

Meet a French
Fashion Designer

Exclusive rendez-vous with
a French Fashion Designer

Meet a leather goods

Behind-the-scenes tour of
a leather goods workshop

Meet an authentic
French shoe-maker.

Discover the secrets of French luxury shoe-making

Meet a French
ceramic artist

Discover French ceramic art in a Parisian workshop

Meet a passionate
stained-glass artisan

A stained-glass workshop
behind-the-scenes tour

Meet a passionate French

Discover the secrets of
an artisan glassmaker

Enter a luxury soaps

Create luxurious soaps in an expert-led workshop

Immersion in a
jeweler's workshop

Discover the magic of fine gemmaking using traditional techniques

Meet an engraving
artist and designer

Meet a parisian artist at her traditional engraving studio in front of the Louvre

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Custom Private Tours

Starting at 2 travelers
From 1 to +15 days
For Individuals, Groups & Companies


Authentic Immersive Experiences

Meet locals and artisans throughout France. Support the local economy.


Personal Travel Assistant

24/7 concierge service to take care of everything you need during your stay


Incoming Agency based in France

A multilingual team that speaks and conducts tours in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew