Behind-the-scenes luxury tour of French artisan workshops

Thanks to our experienced travel designers who live and work in France, we fully personalize our services to your needs and interests.

As we usually take care of everything for our guests’ entire trip to France, they can enjoy and relax in complete peace of mind.

This tour may include
(to be tailored to your needs):

  • Unique encounters with French artisans
  • Knowledgeable multilingual private guide at your service (fluent in English and French at least)
  • Pick-up and drop-off from/to the location of your choice in Paris at the start & end of the tour
  • Private driver with high-quality air-conditioned vehicle
  • Meals at restaurants where the locals go
  • Luxury boutique hotels
  • Additional guided tours based on French history, heritage, gastronomy…

Your itinerary for a full immersion in French art craft

• Immerse yourself in the world of leatherworking with with our local expert!
Discover each step in crafting leather goods, from tool presentations to the mesmerizing saddle stitching demonstrations.
• Get hands-on in our interactive workshops, trying out different techniques with our tools. With workshops available in both English and Portuguese, everyone can participate in this immersive experience!

• Experience the world of luxury shoe care with our Parisian specialist.
With 25 years of expertise and a passion for shoes, our artisan shoe-maker offers exclusive services and events in Paris and beyond.
• Located in his workshop in Paris, he provides an immersive experience where clients learn the essentials of leather care at the highest craftsmanship standards.
Because it’s not just about having beautiful shoes; it’s about knowing how to care for them properly, ensuring they remain impeccable for years to come.

• Discover the captivating world of an artist-craftswoman who has been a fixture in a hidden spot at the heart of Paris for 50 years.
• Explore her unique up-cycling creations, including garments, hats, and accessories, crafted from her own weavings, fabric paintings, and recycled materials.
• Each handmade piece, down to the individually crafted resin buttons, tells a story of creativity and dedication. Don’t miss the chance to experience her studio-boutique, a true artistic gem in a historically rich location.

• Immerse yourself in the world of ceramics at Atelier Vert’do, in the heart of Paris’s 14th arrondissement.
• Since 2014, Dorothée Picard has been creating one-of-a-kind stoneware pieces, revealing all the beauty of raw clay, enriched by touches of glaze in shimmering colors.
• With her assistant Lindsey Rearic, Dorothée invites you to discover this ancestral art through ceramics workshops. During the 2-hour discovery workshop, explore the fascinating history of ceramics and learn the techniques of shaping.
• Let your creativity in a warm atmosphere while molding clay into your custom cup and adding designs to a clay plate. Leave with your glazed clay masterpiece, a cherished reminder of a unique and fulfilling experience.

• Step into the heart of Paris, where a special craftwoman brims with her passion for stained glass.
• Explore the fascinating fusion of history and creativity as you embark on a journey through centuries of stained glass techniques.
• Enter her workshop and witness the intricate process of restoring old stained glass windows in the traditional lead-mounted style, alongside the creation of contemporary lamps using the Tiffany method.
• Participate in discussions about the tools, materials, and unique challenges inherent in her craft.

This is not just a tour, but an immersive experience in the craftsman’s world. Immerse yourself in the techniques and historical evolution of stained glass, while discovering the inspirations that animate her creative efforts, making her a shining star of Paris.

• Meet Alison and dive into the world of an artisanal Parisian soap factory, situated in the city-center of Paris.
Discover the cold saponification technique, preserving the properties of organic raw materials without heat.
• Experience the naturally moisturizing and nourishing benefits of soaps produced through this method.
• Learn from Alison a few simple gestures and tricks to craft beautiful and healthy soaps.
• You’ll leave with 400g of cold process soap, ready to pamper your skin with nourishment and softness.

Explore spun glass artistry with a blowtorch glassmaker in Paris, since 2012.
• Witness the delicate shaping of glass rods into jewelry and decorations in her workshop. 
• Experience demonstrations of spun and blown glass techniques. 
Our glassmaker’s contributions to glass bead-making, recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2020, add depth to the experience.
Embark on a unique journey into the captivating world of spun glass artistry.

• Embark on a journey into the world of Parisian jewelry workshops. Step into a comfortable studio run by two qualified craftswomen who have turned their passion into blooming brands.
• Discover the magic of exquisite jewelry-making using traditional techniques such as sawing, heating, soldering and polishing.
• Our 2 jewelers will share the stories behind their tailor-made creations and unveil their sparkling collection of gemstones, including sapphires, emeralds, garnets and tourmalines.
• Prepare to be captivated by the vibrant colors and craftsmanship of this unforgettable jewelry-making adventure.

We can create your life-changing trip to France

Finding France is an immersive experience where you will uncover the real France… the people, the architecture, the passion for making and sharing food, and of course its rich and fascinating history. Our exclusive day tours are tailored to your interests, needs, and rhythm.
We can suggest how best to combine them into the perfect itinerary for you! Get ready for a completely unique and unforgettable experience…

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