Versailles Palace day tour

Step into the opulent world of French royalty with our exclusive tour of the Palace of Versailles and its enchanting surroundings.
Delve into the refined lives of 18th-century nobility at the Trianons and Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet, then bask in the grandeur of the palace’s ornate chambers and breathtaking gardens, all guided by our expert local guides for an unforgettable experience.

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for a tour of Versailles in the steps of Marie-Antoinette

Duration: about 8 hours transfers included

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Morning: Marie Antoinette's Estate


• Recommended pick-up time in Paris: 9:00am.

• Embark on a captivating journey through history with a guided tour of the Trianons and Marie Antoinette’s hamlet. Nestled within the splendid grounds of the Palace of Versailles, the Trianons offer a glimpse into the refined lives of 18th-century French nobility.
The tour begins at the Petit Trianon, an elegant residence gifted to Marie Antoinette by King Louis XVI. Stepping inside, you are immersed in the tales of court intrigue and turbulent romances that once filled these exquisitely adorned chambers.
• Next, we will head to the the Queen’s Hamlet, a picturesque recreation of a rustic village. A place of respite for Marie Antoinette, it contrasted the formality of Versailles. Guided through the quaint cottages, landscaped gardens, and serene lakes, you will learn more about the queen’s for escapism, as she hosted lavish festivities in this pastoral retreat.
• Lunch in a restaurant where locals go or ask for an exclusive picnic in the Palace gardens.

Afternoon: Private guided visit of Versailles Palace​

• Starting from a modest hunting lodge built under the reign of King Louis the 13th, the Palace of Versailles underwent a remarkable transformation into a magnificent palace and exquisite gardens during the rule of his successor, Louis the 14th. The opulent Palace at Versailles offers a sensory delight like no other.

• Throughout its history, the palace stood at the heart of the French monarchy until the onset of the French Revolution. It served as a prestigious venue, welcoming officials, ambassadors, artisans and performers hailing from every corner of the globe.

• Led by a knowledgeable local guide, you will embark on an exclusive journey through the Palace’s inner sanctums. This private tour encompasses the lavish chambers of Louis the 14th, renowned as the “Sun King,” the iconic Hall of Mirrors, the intimate confines of Marie-Antoinette’s bedroom, and the artistic enclave of King Louis Philippe’s painting gallery.

• Subsequently, our path will meander through the resplendent Versailles gardens, masterfully envisioned and renovated by André le Nôtre, the royal gardener of Louis the 14th. Here, we shall marvel at the enchanting fountains, the grandeur of the canal, and an array of flora sourced from across the globe.

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Immerse yourself in Marie Antoinette’s whirlwind of distractions!

Treat yourself to the great privilege of sharing a private stroll with the mischievous queen in the park of the Palace of Versailles!

As a member of the court, you’ll have the great privilege of being named a favorite of one of Versailles’ most emblematic figures.

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