Tailor-made tour in Loire Valley

A perpetual state of wonder arises as one visits the many fabulous and unique castles nestled along the Loire river valley…

Highlights of Loire Valley at a glance

Finding France matches the beauty of these marvelous works of masonry and art with the authentic discovery of local artisans and culinary expertise. Unveil the talent of French know-how and help keep it alive. Meet local producers and support them in their quest for perfection, that’s what Finding France offers during this entirely customizable trip. With a time span of 1 to 6 days, we’ll design your itinerary together with you to make sure you’ll take in an unforgettable experience.

Let’s design with you and for you an authentic and bespoke private tour in Loire Valley.

Our recommended 3-day itinerary in Loire Valley


DAY 1: Chamerolles and Sully-sur-Loire Chateaux

• Discover the Château de Chamerolles, a true XVIth century jewel that was the property of the heirs of Sir Lancelot. King François the 1st stayed there twice. 

• Amble through the stunning “Promenade des Parfums”, a sensory experience within the castle. Admire the ornate interiors complete with XVIth to XVIIIth century furniture that demonstrate how perfume forged and changed society. 

• Visit the Sully-sur-Loire fortified medieval castle. The donjon and moat – still filled with running water! – were the property of the King of France Philippe Auguste in the XIIIth century. 

• Meet another Philippe, organic livestock breeder, and visit his family farm in the Loiret. Learn how he cares for egg-laying chickens, cows and sheep in manners inspired by respect for nature and animal well-being.

Available options:

• Meet a local rhubarb grower in his farm. Taste his unexpected and original products: jams, nectar, rhubarb juice and even rhubarb syrup and soda pop! 

• Discover a rose garden that grows a unique collection of over 600 different rose tree varieties.


DAY 2: Chambord and Blois Chateaux

• Visit the fairy-tale Château de Chambord, the largest of all the Loire valley castles, housed deep into the largest fenced-in forest parc of Europe. 

• Savor surprising biscuits and cookies in the Chambord pastry shop. 

• Visit the Royal castle in Blois, favorite residence of the Kings of France during the Renaissance. Go for a stroll in the peculiar royal gardens lain around the castle grounds.

• Meet Michel and his family on their own vineyard. Vintners for the past generations, their high-quality wines rely on biodynamics to attain such levels of perfection.

Available options :

• Champagne tasting on the roof of Chambord chateau. 

• Meet a beekeeper and taste his produce: honey, of course, but a unique-tasting gingerbread, too.

• Meet the manager of an ovine animal farm. Visit the facilities and witness the shearing of sheep. 

• Discover the Cheverny castle, one of the very few that still retain their complete set of furniture.


DAY 3: Amboise and Chenonceau Chateaux

• Visit the Amboise chateau, or that of the Clos Lucé, the last residence of Leonardo da Vinci. 

• Meet a master sommelier, owner of a XVIth century wine cellar, and former manager of a Michelin-star restaurant. Sample his exceptional wines. 

• Visit the iconic Château de Chenonceau, one of the most stunning examples of Loire valley architecture, with the astonishing gallery spanning over the Cher river. Nicknamed the Château des Dames – the Ladys’ Castle.

Available options:

• Float above the meandering Loire river and forests and admire the Loire valley castles from a different point of view in a hot air balloon. 

• Learn French Cuisine in a class, cooking fresh and local produce. 

• Ride a bicycle on comfortable lanes plotted along the Loire riverbanks.

Fly away to Loire Valley and start your journey !

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