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A 6-day family trip in Paris & Normandy

Day 1

Arrival in Paris

Day 2

Eiffel Tower, Paris by boat

Day 3

Louvre Museum, Family pastry class

Day 4

Jardin des Plantes, Montmartre

Day 5

D-Day Beaches

Day 6

Bayeux, apples and cider

Day 1: Arrival in Paris

• Meet & greet at the airport or location of your choice around Paris
• Transfer to your boutique hotel in the center of Paris

Day 2: Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the Seine

Morning and lunch : The Eiffel Tower / Champ de Mars

• The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognized and visited landmarks in the world – and initially was only intended to last for 20 years! Built in two years for the World’s Fair in 1889, it was an object of great discord at the time. What “saved” the Eiffel Tower from deconstruction? Scientific experiments that Gustave Eiffel encouraged such as radio transmissions and telecommunications!

• Your private, local guide will regale you with the history of the Tower’s construction, its unique architecture, as well as numerous anecdotes about Gustave Eiffel – an entrepreneur specializing in metal structures (who even had his office installed at the very top of the Tower!).

• Our tickets will allow us to jump the line and will give us elevator access to the summit of the Eiffel Tower*. The visit is adapted to families with children and persons with mobility issues.

• Weather permitting, we will enjoy an elegant and relaxing picnic on the expansive Champs de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower

*subject to meteorological conditions

Afternoon: Paris by Seine

• Enjoy visiting the heart of historic Paris with your local guide – from the vantage point of the Seine River, either in a private boat or with others on board the popular Bateaux Mouches. Pass under centuries-old bridges, admire famous monuments like Notre de Paris, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Ile St-Louis, and…the Statue of Liberty!

• Afterwards, stroll along the pedestrian quais as you enjoy “insider stories” about Paris from your guide.


Day 3: Louvre Museum, family pastry class

Morning:  The Louvre Museum

• Discover the incredible artwork on display at one of the most famous museums in the world with a knowledgeable and lively private guide. Your guide is also a pro at explaining art and history to children and teens, allowing them to discover the Louvre on their level (scavenger hunt available on request)..

• Take in the beauty and emotion of some of the museum’s most well-known pieces: Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, Raft of the Medusa, Winged Victory of Samothrace and many more…a unique visit full of interesting anecdotes and great works of art!

Afternoon: Family pastry class

• Meet a talented pastry chef who will help you make the perfect French macarons* in her teaching kitchen and tearoom in the heart of Paris. From Swiss meringue to chocolate ganache and lemon cream, to professional baking techniques, you and your children will start to master the art of French pastries.

• Have fun with your family in a relaxed atmosphere for a one-of-a-kind lesson. You will be amazed by the taste and elegance of your work (and of course will get to keep your creations and the recipe!). 

*If you prefer, we can replace a macaron class with a pastry class on making traditional French croissants (The secret? Butter!) or crusty baguettes.

Day 4: Jardin des Plantes, Montmartre

Morning: Jardin des Plantes

• Take in a breath of fresh air and promenade in the extensive gardens at the center of the Latin Quarter – the gorgeous Jardin des Plantes. Spread over 6 acres and including Paris’s oldest zoo, a biodiversity center for children (Galerie des Enfants), the Natural History Museum, and large greenhouses with hundreds of varieties of plants and flowers, there’s something for everyone.

• Visit the Natural History Museum or the Galérie des Enfants with your local guide who will take you and your family on a journey through the Earth’s history.

• Take a step back to the Belle Epoque as you enjoy the oldest public zoo in Paris (most of the exhibition cases dating from the 19th century). For adults as well as children.

Afternoon: Catacombs or Montmartre

If you are traveling with teens: One of the most unique ways to visit Paris takes place 20 meters underground! A labyrinth of tunnels running under the city in ancient quarries, the “Catacombs” retain an air of mystery and macabre – and for good reason: the Catacombs were transformed into a municipal cemetery in the 1700’s, housing the bones of Parisians dating back to Middle Ages.

• Your knowledgeable guide will lead you on a path through these ancient quarries as you discover another world under the busy streets of Paris. Due to the sensitive nature of the tour (skulls and bones are visible), we recommend this visit for ages 10 and up.

If you are traveling with younger children: Set apart on the highest point in Paris, Montmartre (the “Mount of Martyrs”) is like its own little village within the city limits. Enjoy some of the best views of Paris from above and meander through the beautiful winding (and hilly!) streets as you discover this emblematic quartier with your local guide. 

• A quartier known for its artists, we will make a stop at the Place du Tertre where we will have the chance to meet local painters and see their work (with the possibility of having your portrait or caricature drawn of course).

• We will then visit the impressive byzantine-style Sacré Coeur Basilica which sits atop the hill of Montmartre (and take in some street performances right outside). Finished just before WWI, the Basilica houses one of the largest mosaics in the world and is a pilgrimage site for the faithful.

Late afternoon: Trip to Bayeux

• Enjoy driving through the picturesque Norman countryside as we head to Bayeux in order to be ready for the next day’s adventures. During the trip, we provide game trays, books, and other activities according to the age and interests of your children to help pass the time.

Dinner in Bayeux, night in a boutique hotel

Day 5: Normandy, D-Day Beaches

Morning : D-Day beaches

• Our first stop is at the American Cemetery with its 9000 tombs, memorial and museum. We will discover more about the D-Day invasion with a short film. If you wish, we can participate in the flag-raising morning ceremony.

Omaha Beach, also known as “Bloody Omaha,” where more than 1000 young American soldiers gave their lives on June 6, 1944. One of the 5 points of attack, the Allied forces faced numerous obstacles that day: rough seas, obstacles on the beach, and German artillery already in place for a counterattack… 

• Elegant picnic lunch and kite-flying on Omaha beach, weather permitting.

Afternoon: Cheese-making 

• Discover the long history and tradition of cheese in Normandy. We propose a unique encounter with a local cheese producer who will explain to us the traditional process of making world-renowned Normandy cheeses. (And of course enjoy a tasting of some of his finest!)

• As an option, and especially with teens, we can spend more time exploring the history of D-Day and go to famous sites which still carry remnants of the invasion:

    • The untamed Pointe du Hoc where US rangers scaled its 90-foot cliff July 6, 1944. Visit a genuine bunker from WWII and the German “pillboxes” scattered along the hillside.
    • The village of Sainte Mère Eglise where the paratrooper John Steel got stuck on the church steeple as he was trying to evade enemy lines.
    • The wide and expansive Utah beach, the American D-Day beach where General Theodore Roosevelt – the son of the US President – landed with his cane.

Day 6: Bayeux, apples and cider

Morning : Bayeux & ceramics

• Take a walk through time with your family. We will discover the story of William the Conqueror as it is told in the famous 11th century Bayeux tapestry – one of the most famous in the world, hand stitched by his wife Queen Mathilda and her servants that recounts his invasion of England and Battle of Hastings in 1066.  For younger children, we provide help “getting into character” with wooden swords, capes, and tiaras.

• Go behind the scenes of Aline’s workshop, a potter who will show you the secrets of ceramics. You will see her machines, work the clay, and choose your colors. The whole family will leave with unique creations!

Afternoon : Apples & cider

• Meet Olivier as we tour his unique apple cider cellar – the only disco cellar in Normandy! Amidst the light and colors, take in the fragrance of the barrels as we compare the different apple-based juices. Olivier produces ciders, Pommeau and Calvados: everything is apple normandy based and will give us an exclusive tasting of the range of typical Norman drinks.

Late afternoon: Trip to back to Paris

• Say goodbye to Normandy as we head back to Paris. During the trip, we provide game trays, books, and other activities according to the age and interests of your children to help pass the time.

• Dinner in Paris, night in your boutique hotel

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