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A 4-day family trip in Burgundy

Day 1

Arrival in Burgundy & Guédelon

Day 2

Beaune & Flavigny sur Ozerain

Day 3


Day 4

Chablis & Paris

Day 1: Arrival in Burgundy & Guédelon

Departure from Paris and drive through the Burgundy countryside. During the trip, we provide game trays, books, and other activities according to the age and interests of your children to help pass the time.

• Go back in time and discover the incredible Guedelon castle in northern Burgundy. What makes this one different from all the other castles in France? It’s a project that was started 25 years ago – a 13th-century castle being built from scratch by a team of 40 master builders using only techniques and materials that were available in the Middle Ages!
A hands-on living castle for the whole family to enjoy, we will explore the different trades on the construction site, the castle itself, and the hydraulic water mill located in the nearby forest.
Children six years and up also have the possibility of participating in a stone carving workshop.

• Drive to Beaune and spend the night in a 4-star boutique hotel with a heated swimming pool (plus, you only have to unpack once!).

Day 2: Beaune & Flavigny sur Ozerain​

Morning: Beaune

• Visit the Beaune Hospice, a gothic-style hospital founded in the Xvth century by the Chancellor of the Dukes of Burgundy. 

We will have the possibility of having lunch at La Grange in Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, a unique restaurant where you will be welcomed by local producers who prepare creative dishes composed of in-season ingredients and meat directly from their farms. Get a chance to talk with them as they share their regional specialities with you! 

Afternoon: Flavigny-sur-Ozerain

• Discover one of the “Most beautiful Villages of France” and where Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche filmed the movie Chocolat. Perched on a hill overlooking the countryside, experience the charm of Flavigny firsthand.

• Visit a traditional candy-making factory inside a Benedictine Abbey that produces anise-flavored sugar candy. Go behind the scenes to watch the candy-makers at work and ask all the questions you’d like about the secrets of this typical treat from the region. 

• In a nearby village, help a goat cheese producer to milk his goats.

Day 3: Dijon

Morning : Dijon Mustard

• With your local guide, discover the Fallot Dijon Mustard factory, a family business founded in 1840 that still caters to the most prestigious customers today. It is famous for the quality of its work and produce. 

• We will have lunch at the Cité de la Gastronomie et du Vin in Dijon where we will taste regional specialities including cheeses; parents can also enjoy a wine tasting while children participate in a culinary workshop (workshop themes vary depending on the time of year)

Afternoon : Escargots

Visit a surprising snail farm in a small Burgundy village that will fascinate the whole family. Chat with the producer who will share his passion with you and go behind the scenes of the famous “escargot” dish from Burgundy.

• Night in your boutique hotel in Beaune

Day 4: Chablis & Paris

• On the road back to Paris, we will stop and discover the white wines of Chablis – wines that gained renown thanks to Cistercian monks in the 12th century. Tour a large and prestigious winery established in 1923 and meet the head winemaker.

We will have a private tasting with him in his wine cellar as he details the production methods and the specificities of the land and soil that make Burgundy vintage wines stand out. Your children will have the opportunity to sample local candies and pastries during the wine tasting.

• Return to Paris and our final dinner together. Night in a boutique hotel in the center of Paris.

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